Envirofield staff have been involved in carrying out field based research for over 30 years using a wide variety of techniques to get the most accurate results. They have been involved in a large number of research projects from major government funded studies to individually funded farmer trials on a wide range of crops throughout the UK. There is a knowledge base which includes development of new commercial cropping within UK agriculture to environmental impact assessment.

Envirofield can advise on and carry out all field based research projects applying tried and trusted research methods according to best industry practise. A range of trials can be conducted across all crops from cereals, potatoes and turf to soft fruits and ornamentals. Studies conducted include Efficacy trials, Crop safety, Fertiliser, Compost and Variety trials. Envirofield has wide ranging contacts through the agricultural and environmental sectors and would be happy to discuss individual requirements to develop projects

Envirofield are happy to give Field Trial quotations for the development of new crop varieties, crop nutritional investigations, pesticide development, crop safety trials and environmental impact studies throughout the UK.

Envirofield is happy to work alongside all organisations within the agricultural research sector and provide quotations for any aspect of field trial work.

Envirofield is registered with Chemical Regulation Directorate (CRD) for efficacy evaluation studies